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Home Inventory Guide
Home Inventory – A Guide for Homeowners and Renters

Home Inventory – A Guide
for Homeowners and Renters

The many reasons for a home inventory, plus a do-it-yourself guide and templates.

Guarantee Confidentiality to Help Build Your Business

Everyone sees the comment about mailing lists when you give your mailing address, phone number and/or email address out to a vendor. You know, the one that says they won’t share, sell, trade, etc., their customer list. But, somehow, everyone we talk to ends up on mailing lists – both “regular mail” and email.

Confidentiality might not be as important in some businesses, but in the home inventory industry, confidentiality is an key piece of our service. We take the trust of our clients very seriously – to the point of signing a Confidentiality Agreement before we begin the inventory process. We want them to know that we won’t tell others about what they own, and that what we learn while in their home is respected. We believe that’s the only way to achieve the level of respect in this industry that’s necessary to be successful. Each one of our clients and professionals who refer us know they can recommend us without hesitation. That is an honor and one we don’t take lightly.

So, what happens when someone asks for a referral from a customer? Again, because of the relationship we’ve been able to develop with our clients, many have offered to give a testimonial. We’re grateful for that, and are happy to have these testimonials on our website.  We have others who have offered to write their story for our newsletters, blog posts and even take phone calls from potential clients. We never, ever, give out a customer’s name without prior permission. Guaranteeing (in writing) that we honor their confidentiality and that we don’t share mailing lists means a lot to clients and potential clients.

If this is a key component for your business, what do you do to ensure that your customers know they have come to the right place?

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